Friday, May 6, 2011

10 Things I wish I'd Known in my 20s

1) You look better than you think you do. Enjoy it.
2) Nothing about your outward appearance warrants 2 to 3 hours of preparation time.
3) It's not as bad as you think it is. Believe me, it will get way worse. And way better.
4) So you made an ass of yourself doing something silly? No-one cares as much as you do.
5) That high drama pal who's stories you find so amusing? She's not that much fun later. Be careful.
6) Your parents love you more than you can possibly comprehend. Be nice to them.
7) The real 'in crowd' is the one that makes you feel like you can just be yourself. It's not an in crowd if you feel left out.
8) There is nothing wrong with being single. It doesn't mean you're unattractive/fat/stupid.
9) Boys are not as complicated as you think they are. Most of them are still more interested in Buzz Lightyear than all your bullshit. When you're ready, you'll find one.
10) Yes, you do need more shoes. Always. That never changes.


franki said...

Yes my angel. No 6 on the list is sooo true.

@FayC said...

Love your list, reminds of the song 'and always wear sunscreen'

And enjoyed reading your blog, thank you for sharing. Am sure you will find what you are looking for.

Your little man is so handsome, I would say he's going to break some hearts but suspect he's doing that already