Saturday, June 25, 2011

Concrete Blonde

As seasoned foodies, enthusiastic eaters and unabashed social critics we headed for Concrete Blonde with a slightly world-weary insouciance. A new restaurant in Sydney is about as rare as a d-lister with a fake tan. Right? Restaurants open with such regularity in this city that it takes a real gem to rise above the rest and challenge the very institution of fine dining, glamour and excellence.

Concrete Blonde, in the heart of Kings Cross, thwarts convention with quirky design, innovative menu combinations and a heady ambience that immediately makes you feel like you have been let in on a fantastic secret. The decor is edgy with nods to New York’s Tribeca, while the cocktail menu offers a fresh twist on the famous Bellini from Harry’s Bar in Venice. The menu itself is infused with a strong sense that the owners and/or chefs have travelled extensively and brought the best of everywhere to us in Sydney. If you book ahead you can even get them to cook a whole animal for you – tribal celebration style. We ordered about 15 things off the menu and are already talking about going back to order the rest. It’s been a long time since we’ve sampled anything so completely authentic and fresh. Challenge your pallet and ditch the diet – Concrete Blonde is an instant favourite.

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