Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tree Total

We have a tree - that's the good news. It's way too big for my house. Typical Margaux... Enthusiasm and spontaneity overshadow good judgement and planning. Ah well. Poor James had to carry the tree from the tree shop to our car many, many steps away. James was not pleased. The tree is now in our house and might attract a small flock of birds and maybe a squirrel or two. It is a big tree.
Now we need to get more ornaments for the big tree. We've only had sort of bonzai-sized trees before which only needed maybe 2 baubles and a sprig of tinsel... Now we have a tree-sized tree.
It has totally encroached on MacKenzie's rolling area... he will not be pleased.
Anyway - bring on Christmas. Have tree will Christmas.

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