Friday, October 12, 2012

Back to Barbra

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Barbra and Oprah above all others.  For me Barbra and Oprah are the 2 people who have transcended superstardom and become something else.  I admire their innate strength, the tenacity it took to rise from virtual poverty to unimaginable wealth and success. I admire that there is no other previous generation of Winfrey or Streisand who provided nepotistic ease.  These 2 women have succeeded without any help, without any casting couches or plastic surgery, without conforming to what society deems 'beautiful' and without ever cowering to their critics.

For me, they stand apart and unsurpassed. I've met many celebrities in my life but I can't imagine being face to face with either one of these ladies - I don't think I could do it.  I feel like most celebrities have become quite depressingly normal - they're so normal that they've become something to be derided and ridiculed rather than something to aspire to.  I have no interest in the 'famous for being famous' generation of talentless neophytes who flash their vagina's while exiting limousines simply to be in the newspaper the following day.

The dominant theme in our society has become one of numb disenchantment and apathy - like we don't actually care about anything much.  As a result the overly lipsticked, spray-tanned, plastic-titted morons who pollute our TV screens seem enough for us.  Oh we've had such a hard day, can't be arsed to think or be challenged, don't give a shit about politics or literature so Snooki and the gang are enough.

Every time I see something like the magical and moving performance Barbra Streisand gave last night in Brooklyn, my soul is restored.  I feel buoyant.  I feel joy.  I am inspired to try harder, to do more, to aspire and reach and be better.  It makes me angry that mostly people are proffering themselves as willing sacrificial lambs at the alter of stupidity - it's like 'here take my brain please - pulverise it and make me vapid'.  Please people - find something that refuels you and makes you MORE. Stop living your life as if you're on an etch a sketch and becoming erased more and more every day.

My 4 year old loves Batman, Spiderman, the Transformers and Ben 10 because of their superpowers and because they seem impossibly brave, brilliant and fantastic.  I have my superheroes too.  He went to bed in his batman pajamas last night and I went to bed in my Barbra Streisand t-shirt.

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Anonymous said...

oistionscThe world has few true icons, true mentors, true inspirational people. People should be held high for what they bring to our lives, be it emotion, talent, enlightenment or learning, i agree the surge of the "F grade celebrity" is in fact a scurge, they offer nothing that feeds the soul, that raises the spirit. Discernment is a skill that should be administered broadly but is rearly used in the plethora of uncensored rubbish we are faced with daily. Oprah, Babs you dare to be unique, omage to you both, worthy of our time and our attention. Well written M.