Sunday, June 24, 2012

My 4 Year Old

My personal belief is that a child arrives with his own personality and purpose and it is the duty of the parent to ensure that he flourishes and develops along the path destined for him...

My son is full of joy, has resolute conviction in himself and his actions, sings all the time and has established his own relationships with our friends and family around the world.  My fervent hope as his mommy is that everything I do actively feeds his amazing little soul and that his journey continues fuelled with the incredible joie de vivre that he has NOW at 4.

My parenting focuses more on how he interacts with people than on what foods and drinks pass his lips or what time he goes to bed. I understand that sugar is bad, but you eat it right? Parental hypocrisy is one of my personal peeves.  I would rather my son be kind and treats people well.  That's more important to me than whether he drinks apple juice and eats cupcakes.  Yes he tests the boundaries of bed time and drives me to tears of frustration, but his reasons are beautiful - he wants to be with his mommy and daddy. He doesn't want to miss out on time with us.  How can I argue with that?

Happy 4th Birthday my precious boy.  You make me understand the world better and you fill my life  with light and laughter.  You drive me insane at least once a day and I am completely exhausted all the time, but you give every second of my life purpose.  All I want is to see this little man develop into who he is becoming.  His journey is my future.

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