Saturday, May 12, 2012

Got Milk?

Everyone and their dog is weighing in on the Time Magazine cover and I think that's probably the point. With magazine sales plummeting and publishers opting to go digital at every turn, Time has pulled out all the stops and thrust what appears to be the last taboo at us.  This divisive, confronting and (to some) disturbing cover has certainly got us talking.

This is what I feel about the cover:

1) You realise this kid had to pose for several hours in different positions to ultimately achieve THIS money shot, right? It's unlikely that he was actually being nourished at the particular moment that the picture was taken.  I feel bad for him.  He will remember this weird day when he spent all day being photographed and being made to feel like being breastfed was news worthy. He's nearly 4. He would have gone to school the next day and talked about this. This will stick.

2) Lactivism sucks. I'm sorry but why do we have to applaud people for breastfeeding? If it is so natural then why do we have to herald it as if you're producing caviar from your elbow? I don't get it. My opinion on the subject: feed your own baby the way you want to.  Make sure your baby is fed. Full stop. That's the deal - have baby, feed it. I don't care if it's from powder in a bottle or gold dust from your nipples. Just feed your baby.

3) I understand that in the wilds of Africa etc breast milk is a safer option than the water available nearby. I get it. If I was in the wilds of Africa/India/South America I would totally breastfeed. I promise.

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