Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Layla Grace

There's a darling little girl in Texas who won't be with us much longer. She's 2 years old and suffering from stage 4 neuroblastoma. This brave little soul has lived much of her life in pain, been through more than anyone of any age should have to deal with and will shortly fly back to heaven. I don't know Layla Grace and I don't know her family. I only found out about her a week ago but I have been so affected by her and her family that I feel like she has completely changed how I respond to things. I think of her, see her little face in my mind and I am heartbroken.

The outpouring of love and support for Layla and her family on Twitter, Facebook and their blog ( has been intense. She has highlighted the most positive aspect of social media and shown that people the world over have tremendously big hearts.

Something I read in the blog really struck a chord. Any mother will know that having a toddler means that one inevitably takes twice the normal amount of time to do anything because small kids want to be involved in everything. It can be frustrating and I know that I have sometimes begged the universe to let MacKenzie nap for 5 minutes longer or to sit still just long enough for me to do stuff. Layla Grace's mommy speaks about this - how Layla would disrupt her from unloading the dishwasher or be under her feet while she was trying to do housework in general... and how she'd be noisy and willful and want attention... Now Layla's mom longs for that, wishes she'd try to climb into the dishwasher or be petulant and distracting... They long for her noise. They ache for her to be messy and refuse to nap.

My eyes filled with tears when I read that and I had moment of such clarity and gratitude. My son is messy and noisy and willful and petulant and he climbs into the dishwasher and he draws on the walls and he tramples banana into the carpet and sprays juice all over the place... and he's PERFECT. He's healthy and beautiful and he's here and he's mine and I will never wish him to do anything differently. I want him exactly like this. I am so lucky.


Anonymous said...

Yes, most of the time we want or kids to be and to act like adults. We should enjoy every moment, every minute with then and be thankful that they are healthy .. I have two little boys and they are messy, petulant etc.. but I love them just like that,. I read Layla Story and I am heartbroken. God Bless Layla and her family. Thanks for sharing.

Imen McDonnell said...

I am crying crocodile tears reading this.....i am toooo often impatient with my little boy...i try not to act like it but he picks up on it, i can tell. thank you for this reminder. my heart goes out to Layla Grace and her family.

Cheshire Mum said...

I've been really affected by Layla Grace and her family's sharing of a journey a pray with every bone in my body I will never know first hand & that as few people as possible have to experience. Day to day life makes it hard to remember the joy of them just being little, being them & being there. X

HypnoMummy said...

Every time I think of Layla my heart breaks too (and I can't even possibly know what that heart break really feels like). I always had the thought in my head when Evan was a tiny baby and would NEVER let me put her down and would ONLY sleep on me, that if I hadn't expected my life to change dramatically then I shouldn't have had her. The busier I get the more I have to remind myself of that. Today I left the laptop in the house and spent all morning giving my undivided attention to Evan in the playroom. And do you know what I had the most amazing fun with her. It doesn't matter how long we live life is too short not to make time for those we love, and stories like Layla's shouts out to us to remember just how lucky we are.

MommyToTwoBoys said...

I have also been following Layla Grace very closely these past few weeks. I cry daily and think of her and her family all the time.

Thank you for writing that part about her mom's blog. It is so true. And your post is beautiful and meaningful to me. I too am trying to appreciate every moment with my kids more.

Anonymous said...

I have to say this is something i hadnt heard about till I read this post but it touched me. I almost lost my daughter and was very ill myself when she was born almost 2 years ago. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for having her here with me still but I still do have days where I wish she would act different just so I can have a rest and get jobs done. Stories like this one bring it home though. My thoughts and prayers are with her family!